How To Break Through A Fitness Motivation Plateau

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Today I am talking about motivation to get in shape and STAY in shape. We all go through peaks and valleys when it comes to our health journey. Even me as a fitness professional. I have definitely lost my fitness motivation plenty of times. I have found myself going to the gym doing the same thing day in and day out. I’ve had thoughts like, “Why am I doing this? This takes up so much time. This hurts! What would happen if I just stopped showing up?” Or there have been times when life is so jam packed full of “things” that I haven’t made time to go to the gym in weeks.

During those times of neglect – I’ll often feel sluggish and start to make plenty of excuses to not get to the gym. I’ll tell myself that I’m having a good hair day and I don’t want to ruin it, or there’s a new show on I have to watch, or I have a bazillion errands to run. Whatever the excuse – they become easier to say as the days go on. Luckily, since I’ve been through these cycles before I know that I either need a short 1-2 week break or I need to change things up considerably in the gym.

My style of training used to be old school bodybuilding. 4 sets of 12 – 15 reps. Take a break. New exercise. 4 sets of 12 – 15 reps. Take a break. New exercise. I’d do cardio when I felt like it and I rarely changed things up except the weight of the movements. Then, after I started to try and get pregnant I decided I didn’t want to be in the gym for 2 hours a day anymore. I turned my training style into quick and efficient circuits and I’d be in and out of the gym in 40 minutes. I started to get faster, leaner, and more excited about my routine. I tried other things too like crossfit (loved it), barre (didn’t love it), and outdoor runs (surprisingly loved it). Changing my routine was EXACTLY what I needed to fall in love with fitness again.

So with that said – I’ve come up with 5 tried methods to get motivated to conquer your fitness goals. Whether this is your first time attempting to get in shape or you’re a fitness guru who is losing their passion – I’ve got you covered.

1. Update Your Playlist

Nothing says “stale” like the same playlist every week. Create different playlists for different workouts. Try a service like Spotify (I pay for their premium service) or Pandora to keep things even more fresh. For example, when I am going on a long run I like upbeat music that isn’t TOO fast so I don’t run too fast. When I am doing sprints, I like to create fast upbeat playlists that get me hyped. When I am lifting – I blast rap for motivation. Lately I’ve been feeling old school rap. Like seriously old school college days.

Old school rap workout playlist

2. Buy New Shoes/Accessory/Outfit

I remember when I first got into working out I had ZERO workout clothes beside high school and cheerleading shorts and t-shirts. I was so excited to stock up on fun colored sports bras and leggings – oh and SHOES! Whenever I’m feeling a little dull in the gym I brighten up my spirits with a fun little purchase (like the outfit in this post). I’ve been loving working with Trunk Club to get new fitness clothes sent to my house. I’ve also been getting into hats again too. It’s shocking how something really simple can make your fitness experience so much fun and reignite motivation.

3. Write Your Road Blocks and Your Intentions

I’m a big believer in knowing why you do certain things. When it comes fitness I like to remind myself WHY I am working out. I have different goals at different times but if I can’t recall why I’m doing something a big red flag goes up in my mind. When this happens, I like to write down my intentions. Why am I doing a certain program and what am I hoping to get out of it? Right now, I am mixing up circuit training with olympic lifting. I am doing this to save time, bring in my waist, and feel empowered with big lifts.

I want you to try to identify why you are working out or eating healthy. Write out exactly what you are hoping to achieve. Then, I want you to write out all the road blocks that are standing in your way of achieving your goals. For example: you might work really late and when you get home you are hungry and tired. You might be short on cash so you cannot afford a gym membership and you have no time to cook. Write it all out. Then call a friend or family member and have them offer solutions. Sometimes we are so mentally road blocked that we cannot come up with solutions that are right in front of our faces. It might be waking up 20 minutes early to get in a quick circuit workout. It might be taking advantage of your company gym. It might be meal prepping a tasty lunch. There are tons of ways to achieve your goals on a weekly basis.

4. Try a New Program or Goal

I touched on this above but if you’re not feeling motivated to eat healthy or workout you likely need to try something new. Ask yourself what you want to achieve and then build a program around that motivation. I recently purchased Ashley Horner’s Pipe Hitter program and it is kicking my butt. I wake up everyday and the first thing I do is look at my workout for the day. I plan my meals around training and schedule workout time on my calendar (usually when my son is sleeping). The old feeling of being sore yet excited has been creeping over my body everyday as I try new moves and see new results.

If lifting isn’t your thing – figure out what you love to do. Maybe it’s yoga. Maybe it’s biking or swimming. Try something new! You can also join a fitness Facebook group. There are hundreds. Just search through groups or join my Blondetourage group – It’s FREE! I create new monthly challenges and as a group we share recipes, tips, and workout ideas.

5. Leave Positive Notes Around Your House

A few years ago, I was using the bathroom of a friends house and noticed that she had motivational sayings written across her mirror in lipstick. I instantly became happy after seeing her quotes. I felt motivated to have a good day. It sounds simple and silly but it worked.

You can easily do the same thing without the messy lipstick. The company, Vision Words, creates sticky notes with pre-written quotes and motivational sayings. I met the owner, Martha, through one of the business Facebook groups I am a part of and she offered to send me a fitness pad. I’ve since stuck them all over my house including my basement gym and my office. What a cute and easy way to remember to stay motivated.

Martha was kind enough to offer a buy one get one free discount. At checkout in the notes just put which pad you would like for free. I definitely recommend the fitness one and my husband loves the “Success Pad”.

Alright guys that’s it! I hope this helps to reignite some interest in your journey to health. Just remember – you are not alone. We all go through times of love and loath. Just keep pushing forward, try some of these tips, and you’ll come out just fine on the other side.

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