My 5 Favorite Fitness Apps

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This post is for all of my girls who love to incorporate technology with their health. I personally think that apps are a fun way to shake up your fitness and health routine. Whether you’re on the go or want a little extra data at your fingertips – I’m bringing you my five favorite fitness apps that I use on the reg.

As an added bonus, all of these apps are free and available for instant download on your iPhone.Map My Run for iphone

I find myself utilizing MapMyRun mostly when I want to head outside (try THIS workout for your treadmill). For some reason, I run ridiculously fast outside during my first mile which causes me to be too tired to hit miles 2 and 3. With this app, it alerts me during my run what my pace is so I know whether to speed up or slow down. It also let’s me know how far I’ve run so I can conserve my energy. I also love that it saves all of your workouts so you can see your prior stats. HELLO 6 minute 45 second mile run – I see you!! There’s other functionality in this that I haven’t really used but the challenges section looks really intriguing. You can set up your own challenges between your friends or join a national campaign.

MYFITNESSPAL IPHONE I am OBSESSED with MyFitnessPal. This app is seriously for everyone! It really is a great weight loss tool for people who don’t want to obsess over their nutrition. For example, you can plug in all of your stats (height, weight, activity factor, etc) and get custom nutrition goals. I like to advise new clients on a weight loss journey to track every morsel of food and beverage for at least two weeks so they can learn portion sizes better and where the majority of their calories are going. This can eventually lead to intuitive eating rather than dieting. The app also lets you scan barcodes to instantly upload the foods nutrition information which is useful for diet tracking.

I also love using this app for recipes. You can make custom recipes and the app will save them for you to use later. I’ll also use this when trying new recipes to see if it’s healthy. If it’s not fitting my goals, I’ll change some of the ingredients to maybe include more protein, less sugar, etc. It’s also a VERY helpful tool for those wanting to gain muscle, especially for women as women naturally gravitate towards carbs and fats more than protein. MFP allows you to see how much protein you’ve eaten for the day so you can decide if you nee more or less.

I can go on and on about this app but for me these are some of the highlights!Simple Interval Timer AppThis app is as simple as they come BUT it is so helpful and effective. I use this app almost on a daily basis when I workout, especially now that I am limited with time with baby Lincoln. Basically, the app allows you to put in the number of sets you will be doing for a workout, the duration, and if you need a break in between sets. Then, your timer will countdown for you to begin your workout and give you a 3 second notice when it is time to move on to the next set. This is great for past paced HIIT workouts, TABATA workouts, or to keep you moving in a standard lifting routine. It’s SO worth it and is easily my number one used app on my iPhone.iphone workout appThe WOD Generator is the perfect FREE app to download if you don’t want to pay someone to come up with workouts for you, if you are bored of your workout routine and want to try some new movements, OR if you are traveling and have zero access to equipment and need some bodyweight routines to try. If you’ve ever tried crossfit you know that “WOD” stands out for “workout of the day”. This app provides a variety of workouts including strength training and circuit training. If you don’t like the suggested WOD, you can simply regenerate a new one to try out.FitBit app working outLastly, I am an avid FitBit wearer and I love the technology that FitBit lends to its users. The app is free and tracks your steps, heart rate (which I love while working out), calories burned for the day, sleep patterns, etc. I love the calories burned for the day feature because it pulls data straight from your heart rate (I have the FitBit Charge HR and totally recommend it).

That’s all! If you have any apps that you love I’d LOVE to hear about them in the comments below. Also, be sure to check out my YouTube video (below) with a recap of all the apps and a little user interaction.

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