4 Home Workout Equipment Ideas


Over the course of the next month, I am challenging you to get up and move! One of my favorite things about working out and staying healthy is the mental challenge. Right when you think you’ve drowned out every excuse in your head, a new one manages to pop up and whisper in your ear. It’s time to punch through all those barriers and come prepared with a game plan.

For the month of March, I am going to make it easy on you and post one of my favorite workouts each day that you can do anywhere (gym, home, hotel). Every week, these will focus on a new body part and I will explain a little what the motion is working on and some entry and advanced level progressions.

I’m not saying that if you do just these moves you will get six pack abs or a firm butt, but my hope is that if you are armed with a tool belt of workouts, you will be less hesitant to jump off the treadmill and more inclined to walk over to the weight rack at your gym.

I’ll be posting everyday, but to start off it would be good to get a few key pieces in your house or identify these pieces if you plan to do these moves at your gym!

1. Fitness Ball (large or medium size work well)

2. Dumbbells (mine are 15 pounds – at the gym I use a variety of really heavy weights and light weights but for this choose one that challenges you a little but that you can move around with)

3. Fitness Mat (Mine is a foam mat to protect my knees and back)

4. Resistance bands with handles (Mine are the heavy ones but choose the strength based on your level)

These are the basics I would recommend if you are going to start trying to incorporate some of your workouts at home. If you have other pieces already at your house like a bench, medicine balls, or kettlebells those work great too.

We kick off with legs this week – stay tuned!