Circuit Style Back Workout

Circuit Style Back Workout

I’m proud at almost 35 weeks pregnant I am still able to workout. I haven’t given myself any “rules” and I allow my workouts to change based upon what my body can handle. The last few months, I have switched all of my workouts to fast paced high volume circuits. The days of super heavy lifting with low reps and moderate rest times are gone… for now!

To be completely honest, doing high rep circuits kicks my butt! They leave me a little winded which is a good form of cardio without having to hit the treadmill for super long. I usually try to incorporate every body part during my circuits, but as I approach the pregnancy finish line, I’ve been having some pelvic pressure and cramps which have made doing leg exercises a little difficult. I swear I can feel my butt getting flat…

Anyway, today I felt like hitting up a back workout. What I love about this circuit is how fast I can get it done while working up a sweat. The goal right now is to not make leaps and bounds of body improvement, but just to stay active and healthy until baby comes.

As an FYI – you do NOT have to be pregnant to do the circuit below. In fact, if you are short on time and you still want to make it to the gym this routine would be a great option. Also, if you are new to working out – incorporating high reps will get your body ready for heavier weights down the road.

If you have questions about the circuit or movements, feel free to drop me a comment below. I have also found that searching the movements on YouTube is a good option!

Here’s to 5 1/2 more weeks until my due date…. yohhhh my gosh!

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