Easy Cake Recipe

I cannot believe that I will be turning 30 in one week… (gulp). Since the big countdown is on, I decided to throw myself a pity party with a cake.

Just kidding – but I really am sharing this super delicious one-person sized cake today as part of my ongoing favorite dessert recipes in September!

So, why a cake for one? Well, have you ever made a whole batch of cookies – or bought a pint of ice cream – or made a dozen cupcakes with the intent to “share” but ended up eating everything yourself!? Tell me I’m not the only sugar addicted, no self-control, dessert-eating girl???

Well – If you are anything like me – I have your back. This super easy cake in a cup recipe takes just a few minutes to prepare and cook and you won’t have to worry about unbuttoning your pants after indulging.

This recipe calls for just a few simple ingredients you will likely find in your kitchen – pancake or yellow cake flour, egg whites, almond milk, grass-fed butter, liquid stevia, vanilla protein (optional) and vanilla extract. I tried both the cake and pancake flour and they were equally good. If you are trying to avoid wheat, I opted for a gluten-free rice mixture for both – they tasted great!

All you have to do is mix everything together in your favorite microwavable cup (yep – this cake is so easy it can be microwaved), and cook on high for 1 – 1 1/2 minutes. That’s it! I topped mine with some sprinkles and my favorite lightened-up whipped cream frosting (I used an electric mixer this time and it took 30 seconds to whip up). I also added a little bit of food coloring to get that pretty pink – SO easy and so so delicious. best yellow cake recipeeasy birthday cake recipeThe density of the cake is a little spongy – but it’s super soft and has a great taste. If you want to make the cake more “airy” – try adding a full egg or more butter. Since I like to be on the healthier side, I skip the extra fat and load up on more frosting 🙂

For your next celebration or a night you’re binge watching Sex in the City – go ahead and try this recipe! I promise you won’t be disappointed and you’ll be protected from stuffing your face with another piece 🙂

cake in a cup recipe


  • Nilster

    My birthday is next week too and now I have a cool new recipe to try and treat myself too on my birthday! I can’t wait to try this cake 🙂 Happy birthday to us!!!ReplyCancel