Buy cheap flowersI NEVER learn my lesson. Each time a holiday rolls around I am frantically sending my Grandmother flowers – the day before. I plead with the local florist, telling them that I couldn’t bare to see my Grandmother without flowers. $85 later – a dozen roses and carnations are at her door. Why do I always feel ripped off when I’m buying flowers online and WHY do they never look as good as the “sample” picture the florist shows online?

This year – I learned my lesson. Sure – I still sent my grandmother flowers and sure, they still cost about $60, but for all other events I am arranging my own. Did you know that many local grocery stores and farmers markets sell flowers unarranged? Today, while walking through our neighborhood’s new Whole Foods (I love this place), I swung by the flower department. In tubs, there were single purchase flowers like tulips, roses, iris and more. I grabbed a few that I thought were beautiful for Easter and had the florist tie them up in some brown paper.

Whole Foods Flowers

The best part? They only cost me $20. So try it out! Think outside of the box! If you have a baby shower, wedding shower, or even a first date coming up – swing by your fresh produce grocery stores and dig through their assortments and make your OWN. They are more thoughtful, personal, beautiful, and way cheaper than hiring an outside company or leaving it up to an online “florist” to help.

Happy Easter all!

P.S. The cutie holding the flowers is my hubby – isn’t he the best!?

Best first date flowers