Brain with glucose

You know all of those fitness “experts” who proclaim that carbohydrates are evil? Well – before you completely go “carb free” you must understand that the brain’s primary fuel is glucose!

What does that mean?

The brain consumes the most amount of total energy in your body. Even though your brain only makes up 2-3% of your total body weight – it utilizes 20% of your total energy and about 60% of all the glucose in your body!!

So, What is glucose?

Glucose is a component of many carbohydrates as they breakdown to a simple sugar. Although your body can pull glucose from areas of your body, an overall diet without carbohydrates = minimal glucose = potential mental impairment. Have you ever felt really groggy, confused, and tired? Try checking how many carbs you’ve eaten! That doesn’t mean you should go binge on white bread and rice (although I am a huge fan of french toast and fried rice), but figure out which carbs work best for your body – especially if you have diabetes. I personally like to fuel myself with carbs from fruits, veggies, and tubers (like sweet potatoes and yams).


Glucose is a necessary simple sugar needed to fuel your brain. Be smart with your food, learn to use it as fuel, and enjoy the little delicacies along the way (in moderation) 🙂