Your Brain on CreatineWhen I first started lifting, I would often have people ask me/warn me, “You’re not going to take creatine are you? You don’t want to get too big!” The question alone poses the possibility that creatine is bad and is only used by male bodybuilders. Anytime someone would ask me this, it felt like they were actually grilling me to see if I was going to use creatine as a gateway to steroids or who knows what else….

Incredible Hulk

After entertaining each conversation, I would often leave shaking my head. Then I thought, most people don’t know much about supplements, what they do, what is natural and what is synthetic.

Did you know that creatine is found NATURALLY within the body? That’s right! Even in girls! Food like meat, eggs and fish provide us with creatine and it is synthesized by the liver, pancreas, and kidney. Your body and muscles particularly store creatine and use it to help produce energy quickly. This can be very beneficial for weightlifters who are looking to gain strength by utilizing the extra energy given by creatine.

Creatine isn’t just for bodybuilders though… it can also be very beneficial for your brain! Creatine supplementation has been tested and proven to help with memory, intelligence and preventing muscle fatigue.  It can also have a positive impact on neurodegenerative diseases. In easy speak – the longer your cells have energy the longer it can preserve the quality of your cellular membranes. 

What would Albert Einstein say about creatine?

What would Albert Einstein say about creatine?

I’ve included a few studies above for further reference. I’m not saying that you should go out and purchase a bunch of creatine and start taking it with every meal. I am, however, suggesting that you do more research for YOURSELF to see if supplements are right for you. Don’t just believe everything you hear – question, learn, and feed your brain.