Back & Hamstring Workout

Best Back Workout Bikini

Having a good backside brings more than just the boys to the yard… it also keeps you healthy! Unfortunately, we are a nation often stuck on our butts all day staring at a computer screen. Did you know that 31 million Americans have low back pain? It’s actually the number one cause of disability worldwide. 

So how do we fix this? We have to strength train our backs, butts, and hamstrings! The good news is that our backsides make up most of the large muscle groups in our bodies… meaning the more muscle we can put on there the more calories we will burn – and who doesn’t like a good meal?

I made this back and hamstring workout to help you get started! If you have never lifted before, go easy the first couple of times on the weights until you build up some muscle. The most important part of back training is to keep your core tight and to mentally focus on feeling the movements. It’s all about mind and muscle connection! If you’re still uncertain about the movements feel free to email me or hire a personal trainer! Also, check out my video below for a visual understanding of all the movements.

Give this a try and don’t forget to have fun!


back workout for women