5 Fitness Goals to Start This Year

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Welcome to 2016 – the year that you have big goals to lose those last 10 pounds, eat 100% healthy, make it to the gym EVERY day, and get a six pack – right??? Okay, listen up. You set these same New Years goals EVERY January. Come February you are sleeping in, order pizza for dinner, and hitting up Sunday Funday on a weekly basis. Guess what – that’s ok! This is YOUR life which means that you need to set goals that are right for YOU! One of the reasons that people break their new years resolutions every year is because they try to go from zero mph to a million in one day. Give yourself a break – you are human… right?

I’m definitely not advocating that you don’t set any goals but I am saying set REALISTIC short term goals so that you can accomplish them without feeling discouraged. So listen up #bossgirl – I’ve got some tips for you to carry out your goals past February 1. weight loss goals

Stop setting the same 10 pound weight loss as your main goal – in fact stop obsessing about your weight all together! You are way more worthy than to stir up some self hate. Instead, pick a body goal that will make you feel empowered! For the busy fit girl – maybe focus on getting stronger. Set strength goals like squatting 200 pounds or bench pressing 100 pounds. Not only will you be a bad ass fit girl – but those 10 pounds will come off easily during the process. bodybuilding workoutAlways wanted to do a perfect pushup, pull up, or a pistol squat? Now is your chance! Have fun with your goals this year and master a bodyweight movement. There is nothing that will make you feel stronger or sexier… plus you can do them anywhere (I’m talking to you traveling career woman)! Get it!cardio tipsHey treadmill bunny… lets try something new this year! Whether you are a pro at running or absolutely hate it… push yourself to try something new! I 100% hands down prefer weight lifting over cardio any day but the truth is that we as a population don’t move as much as we need to! Cardio helps us burn those extra calories while strengthening our hearts. For the girl who has mastered the 30 minute treadmill run – try doing sprints or grab a jump rope and do jumping intervals. For the girl who HATES cardio – start off by taking long walks (if it’s winter hit the incline button on the treadmill and go for 30 minutes). Remember, it’s YOUR life! Do something that you like and push yourself! eat healthyIn 2016 can we PLEASE ditch the 1,200 calorie diet!? Instead – focus on positivity when it comes to food! If you haven’t mastered your diet yet that’s fine – what’s key here is consistency. Start with something small like drinking 64 oz of water a day or replacing sugar with stevia. Small habits turn into large habits. Remember the goal here is NOT to fail. If you need help with your diet I offer customized diet analysis and plans. Email me at heather@dumbbellblonde.combest fitnessYour body and health are privileges. If you work all day and you sit 85% of the day (or more) – then you need to give your body a little TLC! Set some goals this year that will keep your body moving for years to come. Try yoga once a week to stretch out all those sore muscles, get a massage once a month, visit a physical therapist or chiropractor. Whatever you need… just do it! You will be able to run faster, move more, sleep better, and feel more powerful with the perfect tune-up.

So there you go – 5 goals that are totally customizable to you! Point here is, don’t throw in the towel after a few weeks. You are stronger than that and you owe yourself more than a once-a-year challenge. I’m totally rooting for you!

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Heather Stammen